Tom Wilson Receives No Additional Punishment

Tom Wilson will not be handed a suspension by the NHL for his vicious hit on Flyer Brayden Schenn. Wilson did receive a 5 minute major, and a game misconduct on the play. The rookie had a phone meeting with player safety about the hit on Thursday. Player safety found no reason to suspend Wilson, who will be eligible to play for the Capitals Friday against the Carolina Hurricanes.



In a postgame interview the Capitals coach, Adam Oates, called it a “clean hit”. Oates went as far as saying that be believed that there should not have been a penalty called on the play. When ask if he was frustrated to see him get a major and a misconduct, Oates said that “the referees call the (game) the way they see (the game).” When the Capitals captain, Alex Ovechkin, was asked if it was a dangerous play, his response was “(this) is hockey.” He added that he thought that it “(only should have been) two minutes or something.”

After the hit, the Flyers scored twice making it 4-2 going into the third period. Before that the teams had been back and forth without much open space. 5 minute majors tend to be game changing calls, and this one was no different. The game ended 5-2 Flyers as the teams split the home and home.


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