Phillipp Grubauer or Braden Holtby

It’s hard to imagine that this topic would surface, but it is. Philipp Grubauer has been absolutely outstanding in his five starts, posting a 4-0-1 record, and one relief for the Capitals this season. Grubi has yet to lose in regulation and has posted amazing numbers for his second season in the NHL. Grubi has stopped an impressive 173/184 shots which has given him a .940 SV%. But do Capital fans want an inexperienced young goaltender replace the beloved Braden Holtby?

(Philipp Grubauer replacing Braden Holtby in Philadelphia)

Holtby is in a skid, there’s no denying that. Holtby posted a .865 SV% in his game against the Devils, and .857 SV% against the Flyers, both games the Capitals lost. But it was the game a few nights before the Flyers game that this whole Holtby or Grubi topic started to surface. It was against the Tampa Bay Lighting. The game went south almost instantaneously for the Capitals. Holtby, who didn’t have much help from his defense, let three goals in on five shots. Holtby was pulled with a .625 SV% and five saves on eight save attempts, a bad night to say the least. Grubauer replaced Holtby and only allowed two goals the rest of the night. Grubauer would end the night winning it for his team in a S/O. and posting a very impressive .941 SV%.

So who should start in net for the Capitals? the young German who plays very patiently and continuously makes amazing saves to bail his team out? Or an experienced Canadian who has been the face of the Capitals goaltender for a few years now. Time will tell, but in my personal opinion you go with the hot hand. And if that’s Grubi than so be it. Holtby being in a skid shouldn’t effect the teams W/L ratio.


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