Can the Capitals make the Playoffs?

It’s hard to imagine that this is a real topic, but it is. The Capitals have lost 4 in a row and can’t seem to find ways to win games. When you play bad you can figure out what you’re doing wrong, but when you play great and still lose, that’s scary.

The Capitals have played outstanding the past few games. The Capitals have out shot their opponents 155 to 100. The Capitals just cannot seem to score 5v5; in fact 38 of their 128 goals have come from the power play. The Capitals 5v5 scoring is one of the worst in the league. Alex Ovechkin is having a great year, 12 of his 31 goals come from the man advantage.

The Capitals goal tending is also a shaky subject. The Capitals have gone with the hot hand Philipp Grubauer the past couple of games. Even though Grubauer has posted a .932 SV% the Capitals continue to lose, Grubauer is 5-2-3. The other night Adam Oates decided to go with Braden Holtby, hoping to ignite a spark. This would be Holtby’s first start since Dec. 21st. Holtby posted a staggering .532 SV% and let 5 goals in on 11 attempts.

So can the Capitals make the playoffs? As other teams in the Metropolitan division start to heat up the Capitals hot start has started to cool down. The Capitals have lost 3-10. As the second half of the season starts Adam Oates has a lot of work cut out for him, and if he wants to make the playoffs he better start winning games soon.


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