Thursday Thought: Matty P

Before the season started, the Capitals traded away center Mathieu Perreault to the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Anaheim Duck* (sorry Might Ducks just rolls off the tongue) for a NHL Entry Draft pick and an AHL prospect. While the move wasn’t too bad, Perreault wasn’t expected to play big minutes with the Capitals and it reunited him with old Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau. GIF by: Welshhockeyfan

So far in the season Perreault has nine goals and 12 assist for 21 points in 38 games. Four more (with one less game played) than he did in last years shorted season. He is on pace to break his career point high of 30, seven goals and two assist away for their respective career highs.  He is also a very good puck possession player, something that the Capitals are missing. According the @ExtraSkater, Perreault has had a corsiº about 50% in eight of his last 10 games. He has played 32.9% of the Duck powerplay, Albeit, the 22nd best powerplay compared to the Capitals 2nd rated powerplay. It wouldn’t hurt for Matty P to be still on the Capitals payroll,

Also who doesn’t love some #PerryCelly

Just baking a cake GIF by: dougiegilmour

Just baking a cake GIF by: dougiegilmour

° Corsi – A statistic originally invented by Jim Corsi, who was the goaltender coach for the Buffalo Sabres. Corsi is essentially a plus-minus statistic that measures shot attempts. A player receives a plus for any shot attempt (on net, missed, or blocked) that his team directs at the opponent’s net, and a minus for any shot attempt against his own net. A proxy for possession. via



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