Why Do we Love Hockey?

Why is it that we love Hockey so much? Is it the Action? Or maybe it’s the intensity of playoff hockey, maybe it’s the rivalries. There’s so many reasons hockey is one of our favorite sports. How a city can be united through a mere hockey game after a unthinkable tragedy. For some the game itself is the best part, and for others it’s everything. Before Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Sabres the Washington Capitals hosted a very special guest,  Braden Nienaber. 

Braden had been spending his whole weekend with the Capitals. He visited Kettler Ice rink during practice (Braden actually dropped the gloves with Tom Wilson!) Braden was part of the make a wish foundation. He wanted nothing more but to spend his weekend with his heros, the Capitals. On Sunday the Washington Capitals let Braden drop the puck before the game. What happens during the video won’t leave you without a smile on your face.

Hockey is one of the greatest sports, it has tremendous power to unite and bring others together, and that’s why I love Hockey.



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