Clumbus Beat Caps

Well it wasn’t pretty and I can’t dwell on the loss so I will keep it short. This team is struggling but like I said in my Friday’s Five  there is hope. Right now we can’t clear the crease and until we do that we will continue to struggle. People make better doors than windows am I right? Look bottom line this team is at its make or break time. We have a March that features Bruins (3), Penguins, Canucks, Coyotes, Maple Leafs, and more. The Capitals must make there run now or forever hold their peace. Well not forever but if they want the playoffs the run is now. This road trip must be a fruitful one or the Capitals will be golfing come playoffs.

Blogging is hard when a team loses. As for the Clumbus-Caps game. 5-1 Columbus, Caps were never in it and you didn’t miss much.

Hehe Clumbus

Hehe Clumbus


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