Saturdays Stars

Welcome to our new segment called “Saturdays Stars” unlike we won’t only be picking players as the top 3 stars. It could be ANYTHING hockey related. So here are our 3 stars of the week. January 10th-17th.

#3 The third star of the week goes to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Columbus Blue Jackets
(Photo via;

The Blue Jackets have won a season high of 5 games in a row. In those 5 games they Jackets have scored 21 goals. Not only are they winning games but they are making a serious push to the playoffs. Sergei Bobrovski has posted a 2.88 GAA in the past 5 games, and has recorded 1 shutout.

#2 The second star of the week goes to Henrik Lundqvist.

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Henrik Lundqvist has made the New York Rangers relevant again. With a horrid start to the season the Rangers have found ways to win games to propel themselves into a playoff spot. In the last 4 games Henrik hasn’t allowed more than one goal per game, and has recorded a shut out.  He has a .988 SV% in the last week.

#1 Our number 1 star goes to no other than the Anaheim Ducks.

(Photo via

The Ducks have gone on a historical 18-1 run, winning 8 in a row. Not only are the Ducks winning a lot of games they are also scoring at a crazy rate. The ducks scored 9 goals in a 9-1 victory over the Vancouver Canucks. The Ducks are #1 in the western conference and have put themselves in serious contention for the Stanley Cup.


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