The Capitals Stink Because of Ovechkin?

No, the simple and quick answer is no. The Capitals are not a bad team because of Alexander Ovechkin. Ovi is an offensive goal scorer. He won’t make the fancy moves on defense. But taking Ovechkin out of the Capitals line-up does not help the Capitals win games. Not only is Ovi a goal scorer but he is also a distraction to other teams. During power plays and quick offensive breaks defenders will automatically attach to Ovechkin, allowing his teammates better chances to score.  Former Toronto Maple Leafs Asst. GM Bill Watters say’s that the Capitals are bad team because of Ovechkin’s ego. Bill continues on by saying the Capitals are too focused on Ovechkin’s play that it hinders the true potential of other players. Ovechkin has a total of 406 goals closely followed by 387 total assists. 

Alex Ovechkin is also clutch. Earlier this year Ovechkin tallied 4 times against the Tampa Bay Lighting to win in a S/O after being down 3-0 in the 1st. But that’s not the only time Ovechkin has been clutch for his team. Alex is ranked 55th all time in GWG with 63. Alex is also 3rd overall in most OTGWG with 13. Alex is also a leader, he knows his team and he leads by example. It’s starting to become a tradition for Hockey analyst’s to trash Ovechkin once the Capitals start to play poorly. Last year the Capitals started 7-11-1 and the blame quickly fell on the shoulder of Ovechkin. Instead of listening to the naysayers Ovechkin finished the season as the league leader in goals scored with 32. He also won the Hart trophy (MVP as voted by the NHL writers).


2 thoughts on “The Capitals Stink Because of Ovechkin?

  1. Bill T.

    I am a huge Caps fan and have been since they first came into the league in the 70’s……and No, Ovi does not stink…..however…I do feel the others yield to much to him. Backie has been great this year as well, but I cannot count how many times he, or Marcus among others, have passed up WIDE OPEN nets to make the pass to Alex…..I just cannot figure it out. If they ALL played like the highly skilled team they are (and they are) we would never loose.
    I watched the Hawks and Wings last night and I wish our guys had the passion of either of those teams.
    As a matter of fact back in November when Ovi was out a couple of games, those two games they looked unstoppable, coincidence? I don’t know, but the talent is there. I do wish GMGM would take a hike, we should have kept Steckle, Hendrix and Bradley….but oh-well…if we had those three back that would give us a chance for our young guys (who have massive potential) to sharpen their claws a bit more in Hershey. And as much as I hate to say it…it might be time to start shopping Green around…Erat has certainly gotta go…………………………..

    Long live Peter Bondra, Calle Johansson, Mike Ridley, Michael Pivonka, Dale Hunter…….and who ever I left out

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