Saturdays Stars!

Sorry that this is coming to you a day late! Where we live we don’t get to indulge in the benefits of having a frozen ponds all that often, Yesterday was an exception! But that’s besides the point! Saturdays Stars is a post dedicated to the three players, teams, anything hockey related that impressed us this past week. So let’s get to it. 

#3 Jonas Hiller 


Jonas Hiller gets the third star of the week. Jonas played in the biggest venue of his career, Dodger Stadium. The NHL stadium series kicked off last night with the Kings and Ducks going head to head in front of 56,000 people. Jonas didn’t let the attendance number get to him. Jonas Hiller stopped 36 out of 36 shots from the LA Kings to receive his first ever NHL shutout.

#2 Nazem Kadri

(Gif via;

Nazem Kadri get’s the second star of the week for his fantastic deke around Alexei Emelin. After his eye opening deke Kadri made a beautiful pass to Cody Franson that let him just tip the puck in the goal. The Leafs won 5-3.

#1 Columbus Blue Jackets.


How could it not be the Columbus Blue Jackets!? From their winning streak, to their twitter humor, to their 1000th game the Blue jackets earned the #1 star. The Jackets set a franchise record of winning  8 games in a row. In those 8 game the Jackets either scored 3 goals or 5 goals, pretty cool. Sergei Bobrovsky also recorded a shutout in the streak. Congrats Columbus!

Honorable Mention


THE DALLAS STARS! How can you not love this? Dallas mocked the Maple leafs Thursday night as they showed a picture of Justin Beibers mugshot and labeling it “Maple Leafs Fan”. We salute you Dallas.




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