Saturday’s Stars #3

Welcome to our third edition of Saturday’s Stars. Saturdays Stars is a post dedicated to the three players, teams, anything hockey related that impressed us this past week. Last week The Columbus Blue Jackets were the #1 star of the week! Let’s get too it! 

#3 The New York Rangers

Rangers Devils Hockey

The New York Rangers started the week with an outdoor game on Sunday against their heated rivals, the New Jersey Devils. The Rangers didn’t let the big stage get to them. They clobbered the devils 7-3. But that wasn’t the only big game for the Blue Shirts. The Rangers played their second outdoor game against the Islanders, AND WON! The Rangers won two outdoor games in the same week and that’s why they get the 3rd star!

#2 Alexander Ovechkin


Ovechkin entered the week coming off a lower body injury. In his first game back Ovechkin tallied 2 points against the Canadiens. The next night he tallied 4, two goals and two assists. Than in Detroit Ovechkin tallied one assist and tied the game with only 7 SECONDS REMAINING. A total of 8 points in the last week. A fitting number for Ovechkin who receives our 2nd star of the week.

#1 Ben Scrivens


Edmonton Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens posted a 59 save shutout against the San Jose Sharks. Scrivens broke the record of the most saves in a shutout Thursday night when the Sharks visited Edmonton. Because of Edmonton’s horrible defense but Scrivens stellar play we give Ben Scrivens, the professor, the number 1 star of the week.


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