The Capitals welcomed the New York Islanders on a cold and stormy night in Washington. While hockey was being played I was forced to read a 775-Problem Message from DirecTV and listen to their automated response system continually mess up the 10 digit number my mother kept giving it. Although I prefer that over listening to Engblom, is too late to move back to college, but I digress.

The Caps were without Mike Green for the third straight game and Mikhail Grabovski for the sixth straight game. The injury to Green forced the Capitals to call up Tyson Strachan, and the injury to Grabovski has seen Casey Wellman see some serious time in Washington.

The game was scoreless through th Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz irty minutes of play. So very worth being on national television.

The Islanders got on the board first and I’d love to tell you how but my f*&%ing DirecTV went out and I missed it. ESPN ScoreCenter tells me Andrew MacDonald from 57 feet out, with the apple from Brock Nelson, so yeah lets go with that.

The Capitals just couldn’t find that last pass to score the goal that they needed. I said they needed 6-8 points in the 5 games coming up. They will have 3 in 3 after tonight, they need to pick it up badly.

  • Strachan bleed his own blood all over Matt Martin, letting Martin know he was there, wasn’t the best time to fight since the Capitals had possession of the puck in the offensive zone.
  • Fehr, Ward, Chimera line got a solid amount of offensive zone time early, Fehr even wrung the post early. The Caps need the third line to be successful so they can shuffle the 3 lines when the game is close.
  • This Strachan-Erskine pair is quite the interesting one, along with the Orlov-Carrick pair. Do not understand why Oates wouldn’t want to break up the two big slow defenders and the two shifty small ones.
  • Millbury and Roenick were pretty butthurt about Alex Ovechkin not showing any effort. Meanwhile Ovechkin drives hard to the net and draws a penalty. If that isn’t “sweat effort” than I don’t know what is.
  • Neuvirth wanted to be a starting goalie earlier in the year, now he gets his chance and shows why he believed he could be one
  • Not Joe Hansen’s best game (Johansson) He has struggled to find his grove tonight, tough game for the youngster

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