Is Wardo Going To Sochi?



With the news breaking that Steven Stamkos will not represent his country in the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia. It’s time for team Canada to find a replacement for Stamkos. Team Canada has found themselves spoiled with riches. From right wingers Claude Giroux and Martin St. Louis, too center-men Nazem Kadri. But what’s the possibility of Joel Ward receiving a call from Steve Yzermen, Canada’s GM, and saying that he’s made it on the team.

Joel Ward, or as Capital fans like to call him “Wardo”, is right now playing some of his best hockey. The 33 year old Canadian has recorded 17 goals and 16 assists this season. A total of 33 points, which is currently two points lower than his career best with 35. Joel Ward is not only scoring and assisting he is playing tough gritty hockey. Joel Ward is -1 on the season, which is pretty good. He also ranks second in the league in shorthanded goals with two. The right winger is also disciplined. Wardo currently only has 17 penalty minuets the entire season. But how does Joel Wards numbers stack up to other Canadates (tehehe…)

Martin St. Louis has 25 goals and 29 assists, 54 total points. He also is a +16 with only 6 penalty minuets on the season. But what Martin St. Louis doesn’t have is short handed goals Nazem Kadri has recorded 15 goals and 26 helpers which is a total of 41 points and has stacked up 57 whopping penalty minuets, 58th most in the league. What about Giroux? Claude has recorded 18 goals and 37 assists for a total of 55 points. He is a -1 and had 28 penalty minuets.

So what are the chances of Joel Ward making Canada’s team? Well slim, slim to none in fact.  Canada most likely won’t even look at Joel Ward but we thought it would be cool to write a post implying that Canada is looking at Joel Ward and thinking about picking him up. Martin St. Louis is most likely the top prospect and if not him Nazem Kadri has to be a close second with how he’s currently playing.


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