Michael Neuvirth Does It Again.

Say what you want about our featured image.

It was a tough night for Washington on Tuesday. The Capitals lost a 1-0 game to their division rival the New York Islanders. Sloppy puck control, bad passes, and bad turnovers left the Capitals with a bitter taste of “Shutout” in their mouth. But despite the poor offensive play from the Capitals, goaltender Michael Neuvirth shined bright yet again for his team. It’s odd that the game after general manager Gorge McPhee said “If we had better goaltending we would have 10 more points” our goaltender plays lights out and our offense can’t scrap up one measly goal. 

Michael posted a .964 SV% on 28 shots faced, only letting one in. Michael is getting better between the pipes. He is following the puck better and playing a lot more patiently. In fact Michael also stopped a penalty shot during Tuesdays game. Michael continues to impress and is making a strong case to be the number one goal tender in Washington.

This save can’t hurt his chances.

You know a save is good when the opposing player who shot the puck stick taps your pads to recognize the save.


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