5 Things We Learned in 1-0 Sweden Win

Sweden continues to show their toughness and perseverance. There were five very specific things we learned while watching team Sweden play today against the Swiss.

  • Lundqvist is good.
    We kinda already knew he was one of the better, if not the best, goaltender in the tournament. Lundqvist recorded his 3rd career Olympic shutout when his team needed him most. Lundqvist recorded a 26 save shutout against the Swiss.
  • Chemistry
    After watching all the games yesterday I would say that the Sweden team has the best chemistry among all the teams. They work the cycle, they know where to pass it, and they create good offensive plays. It’s scary to see how quickly this team can create chemistry among the lines.
  • Erik Karlsson
    It is my belief that Erik Karlsson will make or break this team. He is the “Ovechkin” of the Sweden team. It’s crazy to think this guy is a defensemen. He play’s offense and defense insanely well. The team will score with him, and the team will play great defense with him. Today is a good example. Sweden’s defense was a big part in Lundqvist 1-0 shutout. But Karlsson also created the offensive play that led to Daniel Alfredssons’ game winning goal.
  • The Capitals won’t be used much.
    With Henrik Zetterberg getting injured I believed that Backstorm was going to be utilized a little more. Backstrom has recorded one assist in Sweden’s last 5 goals. With Sweden being so spoiled with skill it’s hard to see Backstrom record the number of points he does in Washington. Backstrom is one of the greatest playmakers in the NHL, but with so many 2-way players on team Sweden that can create offensive plays out of good defensive work, it’ll be rare to see Backstrom create a good scoring chance. Also, Marcus Johansson probably will only play the rest of the Olympics since Zetterberg has been ruled out of Olympics.
  • Depth
    This team is scary. The depth of this team is deep. All 4 lines show amazing defense, plus amazing offense. I can’t think of a team who will be able to beat this Sweden team with the play they show. They can win defensive games, they can win offensive games. There’s nothing this team can’t do.

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