5 Things We Learned In USA’s 3-2 Shootout Win Over Russia

USA played Russia Saturday in both teams second game in the Olympic tournament. Again while these first three games do not mean much, they show where your team stands. Both teams won in their first games, 7-1 against Slovakia and 5-2 against Slovania for USA and Russia respectively. Although USA won this game, there are 5 things we have learned from both teams after the jump.


1. Oshie is the man

I for one have always been high on T.J. Oshie for quite a while now and I understood why Bylsma went back to the well some many times. Oshie has had a decent season so far in St. Louis with 14 G and 32 Apples. Oshie scored all 4 of USA’s shootout goal, 4-6 total.

2. USA can’t rely on PP every game

The US scored both of its regulation goals on the power play. If they want to beat teams like Sweden and Canada they are going to have to do it at even strength.

3. Patrick Kane/Jonathan Quick

Kane played arguably the best for the Americans (in regulation/OT). He had two great late chances against Bobrovski who made good saves on both. Quick made a lot of good saves in the shootout to help us win this game. Full credit to Bylsma who had to pick between probably two of the top goalies in the world.


4. Ride Datsyuk

While Kane may have been the best American on the ice, Pavel Datsyuk was the best player by far. He scored both goals for the Motherland, one at even strength to lead 1-0 and one on the powerplay to tied it at 2-2.

5. Gold?

It’s no mystery that Russia expects their team to win the gold metal on home ice like the Canadian’s did in Vancouver 4 years ago. Although they still would need to beat one of the following, Sweden or Canada. With this game against the US it looks like they have a chance to metal.






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