Russia Celebrates! Ovechkin tripped, Sergei Stonewalls Norway, Finland vs Russia.

Russia advances to the quarterfinals with a 4-0 victory over Norway. Even though Norway ended their preliminary games with a 0-3-0-0 record. They played good hockey. In their opener against Canada Norway came close to upsetting the gold medal favors but lost by one. Russia was clearly favored to win this game. Russia knew that they needed to score more goals if they want to continue to advance. The power house offense of Russia only has a +3 goal differential, the 5th best in the tournament 

Russia started the game slowly but found their groove quickly. Russia created strong scoring chances mid way through the 1st, but ultimately couldn’t cash in. The 1st would end with Russia out shooting Norway 7-6.

Entering the 2nd Norway had full momentum. Tied with the all mighty Russians at 0-0 through one left Norway with thoughts that they could upset the home town team. KHL forward Alexander Radulov decided to change that. At the start of the second stanza Radulov dedicated most of the pace. His high energy and gritty play left Russia with an Alexander Radulov goal assisted by Pavel Datsyuk, but that wasn’t the end. Radulov and Datsyuk came together again to give Illya Kovalchuck his chance at the net. Kovalchuck wouldn’t miss his opportunity, a slapper would beat Norway goaltender Haugen to find twine and give Russia a 2-0 lead. The second would end with Russia leading Norway 2-0



The 3rd begin with Russian forward Alexander Ovechkin on a breakaway, as he would enter the offensive zone and begin to shoot the superstar would be tripped by a diving Norwegian. Instead of being given the penalty shot or power play Russia was left with nothing.
Norway didn’t stop from adding pressure. Mid way through the third Norway controlled the puck in Russia’s zone for almost a full minuet. Norway created strong offensive scoring chances but we’re all stonewalled by Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovski

The game would end with Russia adding two late goals. Russia won with a final of 4-0.

With Russia winning they advance to the quarterfinals to take on the lethal Finland’s, led by Teemu Selanne. Finland ended the preliminary’s with a 2-0-0-1 record. Strong goal tending from Tuuka Rask is Finland’s strongest point.  Russia will need to find their groove quickly and fire at all cylinders to beat the Finnish goaltender.


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