What They’ve Been Up To, With Special Appearances From Ovie the Bulldog, the RMNB Guys, and Adam Vingan.

We understand, you love Olympic hockey but miss your Washington Capitals. And we also understand that you don’t know what the Capitals and Co have been up to since the break. Well no need to worry, we got you covered with photo’s and lots of tweets. 

It all starts with Eric Fehr. It seems like when Fehr get’s the opportunity to fish in warm weather, he’ll take it every time.

When he’s back in Washington he’ll most likely spend his days practicing his uber amazing hockey skills, or trying to find Olympic curling on T.V

(Don’t worry Eric, the rookie has you covered)

In this photo we can clearly see that Chimera’s about to die from nerves, Brouwer is practicing his Curling technique, Eric Fehr got to the rink in time for the game, Alzner is deep in thought, and Laich is thinking about Julianne.

Which brings us to the almighty Brooks Laich. It seems as if Brooskie has found himself a Valentine during the Olympic break, and quite the famous one too. Julianne Hough, actress and dancer, and Brooks Laich, THE GREATEST HOCKEY PLAYER TO WEAR #21, have fallen in love, as seen by the photos below.

Semi-Exclusive... Julianne Hough Shops At Whole Foods With Her New Man 483ec790-9989-11e3-983a-e50f5cf69079_BrooksLaich_JulianneHough_021914
(Photos from E!)

Now it’s time for Troy Brouwer and Karl Alzner. The duo decided to take a camping trip to the cold mountains of Colorado. During their time there they have wrestled bears, mountain lions, they have ridden eagles, eating fish, and have indulged in some good old pong hockey of course. Now, this may not be completely true, but we like to think it is.

So now that we’ve down the Hockey players what about the important guys, like the internet dudes?

Ovie the Bulldog has been a sight to see in the past couple of months! Ovie the Bulldog is a dog that shows up to Capitals games and takes photos with fans while wearing an Ovi jersey! Ovie the Bulldog was a quick hit for all Capital fans! But sadly during the Olympic Break the Bulldog we call Ovie released some sad news 😦

We’ll miss you Ovie! Safe travels to Cali!

Now it’s time for Adam Vingan. Besides saving children and rescuing dogs Adam has continued making puns about hockey.

Which leaves us with one more, the RMNB guys. Besides writing and following the Olympics, the guys over at Russian Machine Never Breaks have helped out once again with CRL! Or so we think….


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