The Caps are back; A Preview of What’s to Come.

They’re back!!! Ovi, Nicky, Mojo, Erat, and Carly are all back in D.C! It was a disappointing, to say the least, Olympics for most the Capitals. Only Marcus came home from Sochi with a medal in hand. But we won’t go into that. 

The Capitals are ready to rock! Washington returns to a 27-23-9 record, a total of 63 points. Good enough to land them in 11th spot in the Eastern Conference. Even though 11th sounds bad, they are only one measly point from leap frogging into the 8th spot.

The Capitals return with a few questions on the plate. Will Martin Erat get traded, is Ryan Miller actually a trade option (hopefully not), when will Jack Hillen, Grabovski, and Green return to the lineup?


Let’s start off with Jack Hillen. There is actually good news, it looks like his return is soon.

And for Mike Green and Mikhail Grabovski it looks as if they will play on Thursday against the Panthers!

Trade Rumors:

Most of you might have heard rumors that Ryan Miller is potentially a trade option for the Capitals. It looks as if those were just in fact rumors. Ryan Miller will most likely stay in Buffalo for the remainder of the year.


  • Alexander Ovechkin returns as the league leader in goals, as if you forgot, with 40. Accompanied by his 40 goals is an impressive 20 assists to land him with 60 overall points.
  • Joel Ward is having one of his best seasons yet, Joel Ward has tallied 17 goals and 16 assists, a total of 33 overall points. Joel Ward is just two points away from breaking his personal record.
  • Nicklas Backstrom returns third in assists in the league with 45. Entering the Olympics Backstrom was in a bit of a slump. Nicky raised his PIM by almost five minuets in the final two games before the break.
  • Martin Erat RETURNS WITH A GOAL IN HAND! It’s true Erat scored an empty netter 20 seconds before the Olympic break, thank God.

Remaining Schedule:

The Capitals will have their work cut out for them in order to make the playoffs. Washington will have one of the toughest schedules. They will play Boston three times, Pittsburgh two times, the Flyers two times, and the Kings, Ducks, Maple Leafs, Coyotes, and Sharks all once before playoffs.

It’s time to Buckle up!


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