Backstrom vs The Media.

Nicklas Backstrom, our favorite Swede to ever live, has run into a few problems. Unless you live under a rock you know by now that Backstrom was disqualified from the gold medal game against Canada. The reason for his disqualification was because he failed an IOC doping test. 

Nicklas Backstrom, and the other Capitals in the Olympics, rejoined their team on Tuesday for a morning skate. Following the practice Backstrom was welcome with a flurry of media.

We found a few questions and answers interesting from the interview.

Q: “Nicklas, what have the past couple of day’s been like for you?”

A: “Well I got back yesterday morning. its been a couple tough days, you miss Olypmic finals. something you don’t want to do. obviously you might not have another oppurinity like that in your career”

Q: “Take us through the events of Wednesday, how many tablets did you take and what time?”

A: “I haven’t…. I’ve been….. I’ve had allergies for seven years, since I moved I got here. Everyone that lives in the D.C area knows how bad it is. I’ve been taking Zyrtec D for seven years, haven’t done anything differently. I’ve been playing internationally for a few years now.”

Q: Nicklas did you take a tablet the morning of the game?

A: “I take one everyday for my allergies”

Q: “Where those instructions?”

A: “Of course”

Q: “Who do you blame for all this?”

A: “Who do I blame? Well, I followed the doctors recommendation.”

Q: “It was annouced that you should know what meds you’re taking, correct?”

A: Next question”

Q: Nick, can you tell us about the silver medal. Do you know if you’ll get one?

A: “It’s up to the IOC. I’m talking to the Swedish federation. We’ll see what happens, it’ll take about two weeks.” 

You can watch Backstrom’s Interview here.

Even though Backstrom was disqualified for breaking international rules, the NHL believes he did nothing wrong. NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Day issued a statement saying:

We do not anticipate there being any consequences relative to Nicklas’ eligibility,”


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