Ryan Miller, Ryan Callahan, and Ryan Kesler? Trade Rumors and More.

With the trade deadline quickly approaching Capital fans are left wondering “Will GMGM make a move?” The Capitals record of 27-23-9 worries a lot of fans. The Capitals lack of 5-on-5 scoring and bad defensive play is the main concern for this team. 

While most fans think the goaltending needs to be revamped the true concern lies with goal scoring. The Capitals are one of the worst even strength teams in the league. When the Capitals play 5-on-5 they average 2.16 GF and 2.45 GA. They are 22nd in the league in scoring 5v5 in close games. Which means the Capitals need to invest in another goal scorer. Alexander Ovechkin is the only one producing 20+ goals for the Capitals. Leading the team, and the league, with 40 goals. The next player on the Capitals in goals is Joel Ward with 17.

There’s three big name “goal scorers” that are currently requesting to be traded from their respected teams

  • Ryan Callahan: 6/11goals were even strength
  • Ryan Kessler: 13/20 goals were even strength
  • Mike Cammalleri: 10/13 goals were even strength

All three players are scoring more than 50% of their goals while playing 5-on-5 hockey. So if

Ryan Kesler (gettyimages)

Ryan Kesler (gettyimages)

Capitals were to get one out of three who would it be? Both Callahan and Cammalleri are looking  to be traded so they can have bigger contracts. The New York Ranger Captain, Ryan Callahan believes that he is worth $6.5 million a year. Knowing McPhee we all know he won’t buy someone for that much. Which brings us to Cammalleri. The problem with Mike  Cammaleri is that he is a very expensive 31 year old. The Calgary flames are finishing up a 5-year $30 million dollar contract, which will have a cap hit of $6 million dollars. GMGM won’t want to pay $5-million + for someone who is older than 29. Which leaves us to our final foward, Ryan Kesler. Kesler informed the Canucks at the beginning of the season he wishes to be traded, his agent continues to deny the story. Kesler is currently being paid $5 million a year.

Ryan Callahan (NYR.com)

Ryan Callahan (NYR.com) 

But if I was the GM I would roll all my dice on Ryan Callahan.  Callahan would make the best fit out of the options. Despite the $6.5 million dollar request, Ryan Callahan would make a good fit on the Capitals. Callahan’s gritty play would also bode well with the other Capital players. He also adds depth in scoring if placed on the second line. He is also a 2-way player.

But most of the fan’s believe that goal tending is the true problem here. Heck even GMGM thinks it is as well. He told CSN washington “If the we (Capitals) had better goal tending he would have 10 extra wins“. So is Ryan Miller the answer to all the problems? Ryan Miller is a helluva goaltender. In fact I believe if he had help in front of him he would be considered the best goaltender in the league. But that’s besides the point, back to the question “Is Ryan Miller the answer?”. No, he isn’t. Braden Holtby is a 24 year old goaltender. He’s still learning. But one of the best things about Braden, he’s cap friendly. Ryan would cost the Capitals million per year. Braden is only costing the Capitals 1.7 million per year.

Ryan Miller (bobleveronephotography.com)

Ryan Miller (bobleveronephotography.com)

Braden Holtby 5v5:  GA: 61  SA: 813  SV%: 92.5%
Ryan Miller 5v5: GA: 83 SA: 1067 SV%: 92.2%


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