Dimitri Orlov Suspended, Jack Hillen Returns.

Dimitri Orlov is a young player, he has a lot to learn. His illegal check to Brayden Schenn is a huge learning point in his career. The result of his actions have landed him a two game suspension. He will miss the Flyers rematch, and the rematch against the Bruins. Orlov netted two goals against the Flyers in the Capitals 5-4 OT lost. 

  • Orlov boards Schenn
  • Schenn turned his back, but it’s up to Orlov to either slow down or avoid the check
  • Orlov realized it was Schenn and retaliated.
  • Orlov will be suspended two games.

Since Orlov was suspended a replacement is needed. That replacement will be the legendary Jack Hillen. Well known for his heroics after becoming a father last year, Jack Hillen will start his second game of the season after sustaining a lower body injury against Calgary.


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