Wednesday’s Word: 2 Goal Leads

Two goal leads are notoriously called the worst leads. This is because teams start to play more loose when they know if they give up a goal they still lead. The Capitals have blown 11 two goal leads this season, which is an embarrassing amount. Four of those 11 blown leads have come in the 3rd period when two goal leads should result in wins.

Here is a list of the games that the Capitals have blown two goal leads:

  • Nov. 9 v. Phoenix Coyotes — Blew 3-1 lead, lost 4-3 in shootout
  • Nov. 27 v. Ottawa Senators – Blew 3-1 lead, lost 6-4
  • Dec. 21 v. New Jersey Devils – Blew 4-2 lead, lost 5-4 in overtime
  • Dec. 23 v. Anaheim Ducks – Blew 2-0 lead, lost 3-2
  • Jan. 4 v. Minnesota Wild – Blew 2-0 lead, lost 5-3
  • Jan. 9 v. Tampa Bay Lightning – Blew 3-1 lead, won 4-3
  • Jan. 28 v. Buffalo Sabres – Blew 2-0 lead, won 5-4 in overtime
  • Feb. 2 v. Detroit Red Wings – Blew 4-2 lead, won 6-5 in overtime
  • Feb. 27 v. Florida Panthers – Blew 2-0/4-2 leads, won 5-4
  • March 2. v. Philadelphia Flyers – Blew 4-2 lead, lost 5-4 in overtime

The Caps have gone 4-3-3 when blowing two goal leads which is horrible seeing as they lost a two goal lead.

Photo: AP


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