Ovi Makes a Bracket; Russian Basketball Time!

With March Madness right around the corner, everyone is making brackets. Barack Obama is making brackets, I am making brackets, you are making brackets, people are winning money for making brackets, brackets, brackets, brackets.

Capitals Captain and all-star, Alexander Ovechkin, decided to make his own bracket this year and it was published on the Monumental Network website. The video is full of inaudible Russianglish (Russian-English) and Caps writer Mike Vogel’s comments on Ovi’s choices.

At one point in the video, Ovi has to choose between Syracuse and Kansas on who will make it to the Elite Eight. Vogs asks Ovi, “do you like the letter S better or the letter K better?” Ovi responded “Sasha- S,” and Syracuse is Ovi’s projected winner. Vogs did a very nice job holding back his laughter.

For those interested in the whole video, enjoy:

Alex Ovechkin’s NCAA Bracket 3/17/14

Ovi’s Final Bracket:




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