POLL: What would you do if you were Ted Leonsis?

Well, with that roller coaster of a season over, changes are inevitable to come. If changes happen, they will be from the top down- a bit of trickle down, if you will. Two men with jobs on the line are General Manager George McPhee and Head Coach Adam Oates. Even with the season over, there is still a lot to watch with the Caps. Where will everyone end up? Let’s take a look.

McPhee’s Caps have won seven Southeastern Conference championships, eight 40+ wins seasons, one trip to the Stanley Cup finals, and- the biggest number of all- zero Stanley Cup wins. Zero parades down Constitution Avenue. Zero times to celebrate a championship. McPhee’s Caps are also very well known for excellent regular season production, yet faltering come playoffs. Within the last six trips the Caps took to the playoffs, they finished first or second six times, but made it past the second round zero times. Noticing a trend here?

Adam Oates, on the other hand, has been a recent addition to the Caps front office. After one and a half seasons as the Caps skipper, Oates has brought the team to a 65-48-17 record. While on paper it seems like it has been somewhat successful, there are feelings of doubt about the coach when it comes to how well he knows the team, line pairings, and honesty to the world.

Whatever happens to these two guys, if anything does, will most likely occur in the next 24-48 hours. We’ll make sure to keep you updated.

Now we let you have the floor. Will Ted Leonsis fire his first GM? Will Adam Oates be the head of the bench next year? Please answer in the poll below or leave a comment.

DISCLAIMER: We know it is more complicated than just fire one or the other. This is just a basic opinion poll. 


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