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Wizards Twitter vs. ESPN’s Analysts

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report

At the beginning of the season, nobody expected the Wizards to be where they are right now. Led by the youth in the back-court of John Wall and Bradley Beal, they have taken the franchise to new heights.

After the Wizards’ improbable series win over the Bulls on Tuesday night, their twitter decided to have a little fun. 15/16 ESPN analysts picked the Bulls to win the series in some fashion. Mike Wallace was the lone wizard. The Wizards jokingly called the analysts “experts” further showing the impressive win by the comeback kids.



DC Hockey Sees Major Changes

The Washington Capitals have announced they have relieved Adam Oates of head coaching duties and will not renew General Manager George McPhee’s contract. This was a change that was bound to happen. The only thing to say is: finally.

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POLL: What would you do if you were Ted Leonsis?

Well, with that roller coaster of a season over, changes are inevitable to come. If changes happen, they will be from the top down- a bit of trickle down, if you will. Two men with jobs on the line are General Manager George McPhee and Head Coach Adam Oates. Even with the season over, there is still a lot to watch with the Caps. Where will everyone end up? Let’s take a look.

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Thank you.

Dear SMB Readers,

On behalf of the SMB writers, I would just like to thank you all for reading (and hopefully enjoying) our content. It truly makes our day when you tweet us, visit our blog, or comment on the posts. If it were not for all of you- our Meatballs- it would not be worth it. If you enjoy our blog, please send it on to a friend; we would love all the exposure we can get.

So, here’s to next season. We hope you all stick around for the summer as we will be pushing out more content then. Thank you for an amazing season and have a great summer.


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Also, please listen to John Walton’s farewell address. It puts the perspective of the season into great words. You can listen here.

Mikhail Grabovski and ‘lil Grabo Take the Ice

In a time where everything looks bleak, the Caps are still able to have fun. Forward Mikhail Grabovski found some free time to take his son, ‘lil Grabo, out onto the ice at Kettler after practice on April 12th.  The video is full of “awwws.” I highly recommend taking a look at it. You can view the full video here.

We really hope this guy stays in DC.